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CAC 2018 announced China's Top 20 Pesticide Exporters in 2017

On March 6, the opening ceremony of the CAC 2018 in Shanghai revealed the list of 2017 China's Top 20 Pesticide Exporters. On top of the list are giant market players like Weifang Rainbow, Nutrich ... Read more>>


TiO2 import and export in China

At present, the global demand for titanium dioxide is gradually expanding. From 2013 to 2017, both the import volume and the export volume of titanium dioxide were increasing, on the whole, regist ... Read more>>


Stronger RMB is hurting Chinese exports

China is an economic powerhouse and one of the leading exporting countries in the world. While from the outside the country seems to be unstoppable in getting more market share around the world, C ... Read more>>


China’s sugar imports decrease amid higher tariffs in 2017

China imported less sugar in 2017 than 2016, due to the imposition of extra duties on out-of-quota imported sugar from that year. China is the world's leading sugar importer, showing an import vol ... Read more>>


Infographic: 2018 China fertilisers export tariffs

Tranalysis introduces the export tariffs for fertiliser in China for the year 2018 in this infographic. For import and export data as well as a detailed analyses, contact our team at econtact@tranaly ... Read more>>


China and Nigeria, a relation with a huge trade potential

China and Nigeria, both part of the economically emerging nation groups BRICS and MINT, witness increasing bilateral trade relations. This trend offers huge investment opportunities for companies ... Read more>>


Growing cooperation between China and the Middle East opens huge investment chances

China and the nations of the Middle East are witnessing tighter trade relations, as the investments in the Belt and Road Initiative are going on. This is a great time for companies on both sides t ... Read more>>


China likely to further reduce trade surplus in 2018

China is likely to further balance out its huge trade surplus, slowing down export growths and boosting imports in 2018. Prepare for the changing trade in China with import and export analysis to ... Read more>>


China's corn export price was booming in October 2017

The official data from China Customs reveals that in October. China exported more than 2, thousand tonnes of corn with an average price of USD300.26/t. Comparing this with the export volume and pr ... Read more>>


China’s export price of TiO2 to remain high in 2018

Supported by tight supply, rising production costs and increasing demand from emerging economies, China’s TiO2 export price is expected to remain high at the beginning of 2018. Get you import and ... Read more>>


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