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Growing cooperation between China and the Middle East opens huge investment chances

China and the nations of the Middle East are witnessing tighter trade relations, as the investments in the Belt and Road Initiative are going on. This is a great time for companies on both sides t ... Read more>>


China likely to further reduce trade surplus in 2018

China is likely to further balance out its huge trade surplus, slowing down export growths and boosting imports in 2018. Prepare for the changing trade in China with import and export analysis to ... Read more>>


China's corn export price was booming in October 2017

The official data from China Customs reveals that in October. China exported more than 2, thousand tonnes of corn with an average price of USD300.26/t. Comparing this with the export volume and pr ... Read more>>


China’s export price of TiO2 to remain high in 2018

Supported by tight supply, rising production costs and increasing demand from emerging economies, China’s TiO2 export price is expected to remain high at the beginning of 2018. Get you import and ... Read more>>


Anti-dumping investigations on sodium gluconate: Get the export data to be prepared

The USA is investigating anti-dumping and countervailing duty on Chinese and French sodium gluconate and derivative products. As a fact, China has become a leading sodium gluconate supplier worldw ... Read more>>


Infographic: China's vitamin C export analysis

The export price of vitamin C in China has been surging in the first half of 2017, showing a huge difference to the development in the previous two years. The main reason can be found in sluggish s ... Read more>>


China's imports of major chemical and mineral products in October 2017

Tranalysis lists the import statistics of major chemical and mineral products for China in October 2017 and provides a brief analysis of the commodities and their import situation in China. F ... Read more>>


China’s FTAs around the world and their trade relations

China is currently maintaining 12 Free Trade Agreements (FTA) with different trade and investment partners around the world, not counting special regions like Hong Kong, Macao, and Taiwan. More ag ... Read more>>


Infographic - China's Glyphosate Export Volume and Price Information

Tranalysis has analysed China's glyphosate export situation from July 2017. Learn about the trend of glyphosate technical and formulations, regarding volume, price, exporters, destinations and more i ... Read more>>


Infographic - China's import tariff quotas on fertiliser 2018

Tranalysis has created an infographic for the announcement of China's Ministry of Commerce regarding the new fertiliser import tariff rates in 2018. The infographic reveals the new quotas and gives s ... Read more>>


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