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This will be a description of the different kind of events that we run at Tranalysis and what you can gain from each of them.

China's Fertiliser Industry - Overcoming overcapacity, low efficieny, and environmental damage

Highlights: The agricultural supply-side reform, The 13th five-year plan for the fertiliser industry, excess production capacity reduction, new environmental tax law, environmental inspections, replacement of chemical fertiliser

24 Mar,2017 Fri Summit

Food Ingredients China (FIC 2017)

What you need to know about China’s food ingredients market before visiting the Exhibition in Shanghai on March 26-28. Kcomber.Inc helps you to prepare for the FIC 2017 with the analysis of China’s important food ingredients segments.

24 Mar,2017 Fri Exhibition
16 Jul,2016 Sat Exhibition
26 May,2016 Thur Exhibition

CCM cooperates with News Republic to provide news through APP

In Feb. 2016, CCM signed cooperation agreements with News Republic to become its information provider. It represents that CCM has got one more way to provide information about China markets on agriculture, chemicals, foods and biotechnology for the world through mobile media.

4 Apr,2016 Mon Workshop

Cooperation between CCM and CNKI to create win-win situation

Recently, CCM (China Chemicals Market, a sub-brand of Kcomber Inc.) and CNKI (a brand of Tongfang Knowledge Network Group) have reached agreements on the cooperation in 2016, hoping to develop related business to a bigger market and serve more people through their own respective advantages.

1 Jan,2016 Fri Workshop

Olefins Revolution: China Market Analysis and Forecast

In this webinar, the latest research results summarized by CCM's experts are shared, and the presentation includes discussions on the following aspects: · What is the current state of the Chinese olefins market? · How are new MTO/CTO projects and existing PHD facilities in China performing? · How do major Chinese olefins manufacturers adjust their pricing strategies? How should Western competitors respond to them?

28 Oct,2014 Tues Summit
25 Sep,2014 Thur Webinar

Chinese enterprises' survival amid China's economic and industry reshuffle and upgrade

In 2010, the output of the manufacturing industry in China shared 19.8% of the global total, making China the second largest manufacturing country in the world. However, the manufacturing industry in China is now facing a lack of reliable independent research and development capability, independent brand marketing, etc. What conditions are traditional companies suffering from and what changes are they going to make?Join this webinar and you'll find out the answers to the these questions.

28 Aug,2014 Thur Webinar

A review of significant events and trade activities in China for the first half of 2014

According to statistics, China's import and export value reached USD4,160 billion in 2013, making it the world's biggest trade country. However, China's import and export still face many challenges like uneven industrial division, further expanding of trade deficit, gradually losing competitive advantage, etc. In the blink of an eye, 2014 has passed a half, what big events have taken place? Let's review together.

24 Jul,2014 Thur Webinar
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