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Anti-dumping investigations on sodium gluconate: Get the export data to be prepared

2017/12/26 14:51:45

The USA is investigating anti-dumping and countervailing duty on Chinese and French sodium gluconate and derivative products. As a fact, China has become a leading sodium gluconate supplier worldwide, supported by low costs and significant demand overseas. In order to help to monitor China’s export information of sodium gluconate, Tranalysis is offering the official export data as well as export analysis.

The USA is getting strict on anti-dumping and countervailing duties on sodium gluconate and gluconic acids from China and France.


The American life science firm PMP Fermentation Products filed anti-dumping petitions on certain sodium gluconate, gluconic acid and derivative products from China and France, as well as a countervailing duty petition on certain sodium gluconate, gluconic acid and derivative products from China in the end of November this year. The estimated end of the investigation will be on January 23, 2018.


The new investigations are likely to impact American importers of the mentioned products by increasing prices as well as decreasing supply of sodium gluconate, gluconic acid and derivative products in the market, as a result of the higher tariffs.


Sodium Gluconate and its derivatives have a wide range of applications across many industries, including the fields of glassware, concrete, detergents, cleaners, shampoo, toothpaste, sweeteners, salt substitutes, and other household products.


The anti-dumping margins that are proposed by the petitioner are around 213% for imports from China and about 77% for imports from France. The countervailing duty has not been listed, but PMP Fermentation claims the subsidy rate of the Chinese government has been above the regulated limit of 2% for developing countries.


According to the law of the USA, the country can implement anti-dumping duties on imports that state a lower price than the general value of the product in the domestic market implicating to be at less than fair value. In order to set a countervailing duty, the imported products need to be sold in the USA with the benefit of foreign government subsidies.


According to the Department of Commerce, the products that are covered by the investigations reach from all grades of sodium gluconate, liquid gluconate, and gluconic acid. Any blended or processed products that include more than 35% of the aforementioned products are also included in the investigation.


In 2016, imports of sodium gluconate, gluconic acid, and derivative products from China and France were valued at an estimated $4.4 million and $6.1 million, respectively.


The European Union already has set anti-dumping duties on sodium gluconate originated from China, which was initiated back in October 2015. Tariffs have been set at 53.2% for Chinese exporters, except for two producers who cooperated with the European Commission inquiries into the problem of dumping.


The action followed a petition of European producer Roquette, based in the UK and Germany. The company had complained about the dumping of Chinese dry sodium gluconate in European markets which it says has caused the business material injury commercially.


China’s sodium gluconate export situation

The rapid production expansion of China’s sodium gluconate in the last two decades has pushed the country to become a leading supplier of this versatile product in the world market. Especially in recent years, with corn prices decreasing in China, the sodium gluconate industry has benefitted a lot from the low raw material costs.


China is a net exporter of sodium gluconate, while its export volume has witnessed a rapid growth from 2012 to 2016, being able to grow more than 78% in that period. Looking at the main export destinations, China’s neighbours in Asia are counting for the largest market, driven by high demand for infrastructure.


The USA used to be among the top 10 export destinations for Chinese sodium gluconate in the past years, but fall to rank 9 in 2014, rank 10 in 2015 and didn’t appear in the top list of 2016 anymore.


The top 5 sodium gluconate producers in China are Shandong Fuyan, Xiwang Sugar, Weifang Jianbao, Zhucheng Xingmao, and Baisheng Biotechnology. However, those are not the top exporters of sodium gluconate from China. According to a recent market research report by CCM, the top exporters in 2016 have been Shandong Fuyan, Xiwang Sugar, Qingdao Dongxiao, Zhucheng Langkun, and Shandong Kaison.


Together the top 5 exporters are responsible for more than 78% of China’s total export volume of sodium gluconate in 2016.


Where to get sodium gluconate import and export information?

Tranalysis is an international import and export analysis provider, located in Guangzhou, China. The company is serving its clients with official import and export data from Customs all around the world and digs deeper into the topic to enable customized research and analysis on product flows from Manufacturer to buyers overseas with price, quantity, shipping method, ports, and more information.


To get your export data of China’s sodium gluconate, please contact our team at or call us directly on +86-020-37616606


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